Well, my Halloween was definitely interesting! Not in a good way either, lol. I decided to try edibles for the first time on the 31st, and I really overdid it. I used what I thought was a very small amount, and after about an hour of not feeling much I figured I'd drink a little bit of alcohol. I have gerd so I can't really drink most alcohol undiluted, so I mixed maybe 4 oz of a canned mangorita with some juice and drank that. About an hour or so later I suppose the edible kicked in! (2 hours? Damn) I definitely felt like I was dying after a while. It was mostly just horrible anxiety and a very fast heart rate. But I was so anxious that I was shaking and shivering causing my body to ache. Luckily after I calmed down and it wore off some I had no pain. That was really great! I normally have a lot of random aches and pains (like arthritis and migraines, etc, dumb stuff like that) but I felt completely fine! So I was excited to try again but a smaller dose and not mixing anything with it. I had also taken kratom earlier in the day for some pain, but had forgotten by the time I tried the edible..
So the next day (yesterday, last night) I tried again! But unfortunately I tried a different type of edible so I wasn't able to calculate properly how much I ingested. I thought I was taking much less this time but it was either the same amount or maybe more. This time it took me maybe 30 minutes to feel it hit and I once again felt horrible. It didn't last as long (the bad part) and I did again end up feeling great once that was over.
If it weren't for the fact that it helped my pain so greatly I wouod never do this again.. but I'm stupid so of course I'm going to try again! This time (not today don't think, maybe tomorrow) I'm just going to take a very small bite and see how it goes!

In the future I'd like to make these edibles again, but using a cbd dominant flower. Hopefully that will still relieve pain, without making me feel like I just visited hell. I'm also planning to try it with stems. Since they're less potent it may work!
I used to have a bunch of saved stems, but they got sprayed with bug spray so I had to throw them out. This time I'm going to use a different container and keep them somewhere else so that doesn't happen. It might also be interesting to try making them into suppositories (not for my behind ok!) to help with menstrual pain. I read that you don't get a high with those!

Overall the experience was horrible and awesome 👌(^__^ ;; )

Buuuut for some reason while being messed up on Halloween I tried to download and play the game Kichiku Megane unsuccessfully.. I remembered it existed when I had my music on shuffle and the game op started playing lol. That was a game I was interested in back in middle school because the op became kind of a meme on niconico and YouTube. I think I'd seen the vocaloid one? Maybe it was Hetalia, but I wasn't interested in Hetalia then and was obsessed with Vocaloid so I assume that was it. It's a yaoi game, so I never played it back then but I would look at stuff from it. Weird dual personality megane buisinessmen? Strange! Sign me up!!
I hate that old yaoi artstyle but it's a bit nostalgic lol. The only character I remember liking was Mr. R.. and that's still true orz I'm not interested in any of the characters in the game tbh so I don't think I'd actually try to play it (plus it's in Japanese..so) but that day it seemed like a good idea!
I would play the typing game for kichiku megane r because it seems stupid and fun though. I downloaded the cgs for the first game and it's.. not good lol. The stuff with the character I liked is fine though but I suppose that's just because I'm very interested in some of his clothing. If it weren't for that I'd probably think it's just as bad as the rest lol. Or it may just be that the art is so bad for their bodies everyone just automatically looks better when they stay on.
I wouldn't recommend the game, except for the typing game section in R.
The op song is still catchy to me tho.. if I ever get around to redoing my utau I'd like to make her sing it!

edit.. hm maybe I shouldn't have been talking about yaoi here, but idk what to talk about and that's just what I felt like saying in the moment orz

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