Things have been a bit crazy. But I guess things have been crazy since 2020 lol. Last week my fiance's grandma passed away and this morning my brothers cat did too. My fiance, who I'll call D, has been taking it pretty well, but I'm a bit worried about my brother. It's been hard on him since our mom passed, then a few months ago the family dog died too. He lives with our dad but they weren't really close until our mom died. I think he's gotten over the fact that he used to hate our dad but idk. I'm wondering if I should get him like a hamster or something so he won't feel so alone being the only one at home while our dad is at work.

I keep getting really sick for no reason and idk what to do about that. I'm vaccinated though!
I can't think of a lot that I want to write, but I think I want to take old posts from my tumblr and other sites and put them here. (hence the title name lol)
That'd take a long ass time but it might be fun.

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