Well! I've decided to remove my fc2 blog from the menu here and replace it fully with this. I've set all my old posts there to private, because I suppose an aggregation of all my posts since childhood is actually quite personal.. In the future I figure I'll use it as an actual diary, lol. The people visiting my neocities probably don't care for that stuff anyway (I hope!)
Buuuut, I'm back working on my art neocities! I'm also using zonelets there (fully!) because I just can't be arsed to deal with coding a new site. I'll mostly just be hosting my commission info there, so it works well enough for that.
I've decided to open commissions up again, mainly because I need money! lol. I hope you guys will check me out, even if you're not interested in commissioning me or you don't have the money to :3
I'm going to make a page where you can send me requests too, so keep a look out!!! my site can be viewed here.