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04/02/2022- I made a new myspace page! It's now linked in the navbar instead of the old one. I also made a new blog post talking about a few updates. I may edit it later to talk more.

03/31/2022- changed my home page. will add a credits page soon linking back to where I got these boxes, but for now the theme maker's url is floating on the bottom right. I've added a featured photos section to the main page, though I haven't edited my featured photos other than adding a single one in august, so I plan to add another one for tonight and then one daily or weekly. I've re-added the links for it (under pics, along with pocket bishies) and my shrines to my navbar despite them being unfiished for about 2 years. If you snoop you can find my Kurama one, but it's not listed as I plan to redo it along with a full YYH one. It's also come to my attention that another user has used some of my site code, and that's fine, but in the future I'd rather not anyone use my about page layout unless you specifically credit me. Thank you for reading so far!!

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